GoA Take Gold at York /Dolphin 2019 Tournament

This group of GVO ( Goa’s very Own ) made me very proud of how they handled every challenge over the weekend at the York /Dolphin Tournament!

Each one of them raised to the occasion in every game and thus, their Field Hockey skills were raised to another level. YES, they won the Tournament and Sara was the Goalkeeper of the Tournament. Being slightly biased, I am quite sure that many on the GoA team could have also been considerations for the MVP.

As our season is coming to an end, FYI:

  • Scarborough Cup Indoor: Runner up
  • NH Indoor U19: Winners Gold
  • SS Delaware U19: Winners Gold
  • May Meltdown U15: Winners Bronze
  • May Meltdown U18: Winners Bronze
  • CFHCC U14: Winners Gold
  • Lions International Senior: Winners Gold
  • TWFHA League GoA Reds: Winners Gold
  • TWFHA League GoA Blacks: Winners Bronze
  • York / Dolphins U18: Winners Gold

In order to achieve these results, commitments and a lot of hard work by the GoA Athletes was needed! ALSO a huge Thank You to all the Parents for all the support all around!

GoA Take Gold at 2019 Lions Tournament

This group of Alumni GoA players coupled with 3 Junior players captured the 2019 Lions Tournament for the second year in a row.

Their commitment and loyalty to the GoA Reds is the satisfaction that I enjoy immensely and of course to watch them perform at a high level and reminisce of all the good times that they had with the Club is everything that a Coach can ask for….

FYI, this group of players have played with the GoA Reds FHC for over 10 years.

I must add that the Junior players, Franki played to her potential, scoring a text book goal, and Janelle was outstanding in goal being stingy and only conceding one goal all tournament. Janelle also kept up to her reputation and won the shootout again with only allowing one goal and saving four.

Hilary Ziraldo who is a very quiet and unassuming player, but loaded with talent and stick skills won the MVP of the tournament…well deserved!!

Check out: https://youtu.be/XY_BOztkoqIA clip of Franki’s text book goal, one that all our GoA Junior players will identify from our training sessions! Well done Franki !!!!!

Janelle Ward signs with Southern Connecticut in NCAA

Congrats to Janelle as she has secured the next 4 years at Southern Connecticut to play Field Hockey in the NCAA and obtain a great education of her choice.

Janelle has worked extremely hard to become one of the best goalies that the GoA Reds have produced and we wish her nothing but the very best in what I am confident will be an extremely amazing experience for her.

Of course, we will miss you Janelle but look forward to you returning as a GoA alumni together with the rest of all the other GoA Alumni!

U19 Win Shooting Star NH Indoor Tournament 2019

The Champion GoA u19 Team won the Shooting Star NH College Recruiting Indoor Tournament in a shootout! Our only Janelle was victorious with a shutout on the shootout.

I am so proud of this group of players that participated in the SSNH as they displayed all the aspects of our GoA training in skills, fitnesss, speed and game sense.

Results were as follows:
GoA vs CEPH 4-1
GoA vs Maine Majestix 8-2
GoA vs College Connection 5-0
GoA vs Black Bears 10-2
GoA vs Majestyx 4-3

In my experience, all the Tournaments we participate in, our teams always have one bad game, unfortunately the finals in this tournament was our bad game. We were down 3-1 in the second half, but the character of our players rose to the occasion and tied the game in regulation time. Janelle in goal did the clean–up with all the shootout practice, again being stingy by not allowing a goal. Ella and Erin scored not giving Caroline a chance to participate.

Well done to the whole team in their performance at the 2019 SSNH!

As usual, the team bonded on and off the field thus making them real winners for the whole weekend.

Congrats Girls!

2019 GoA CIC Team

The GoA Reds competed in the CIC Indoor Tournament this last weekend Which comprised of a mixture of Senior, experienced and Junior players. They scored 14 goals and conceded 9 goals which unfortunately was not enough to qualify on goal average. However, it was a great experience for the Junior players as they got a feeling of playing in a Senior Tournament with quality GoA Senior players.

Abby Jensen & Hallie Wedge Captained the team

I must make mention of Steph Snyder who scored the majority of the goals that would have been of a World Class standard.

Reds 2018 Holiday Party

The Tradition continues! A very fun group of GoA Red members got together, participated in a GoA Club picture day, had a great practice and lots of fun celebrating Christmas with games and a scrumptious meal. The fun packed scheduled was organized by Abby Jensen and Caroline Griffin (who by the way have great organizational qualities).

Thanks to all that helped and participated!

U14 USA Florida Festival

This group of GoA players participated in the USA Festival in Florida this past weekend.

I can proudly say how proud I am of these GoA players, as their experience playing in a Tournament was extremely limited, but improved tremendously and are now on to the next level in Field Hockey.

Well done girls!

11 U15 GoA Members earn Gold at U15 West Division of the Ontario Summer Games

It give me great pleasure to share with you that 11 GoA Club members out of 15 Athletes participated in the U15 West Division of the Ontario Summer Games this last weekend in London, Ontario.

Kayla Desormeau, Reghan Barr, Emma Hillier, Avery Davis, Meaghan Hobson, Grace Leahy, Racheal Dietrich, Sara Bestic, Ava Murphy, Josie Brown, Nadine Brenninkmeyer

I am also extremely proud of these GoA players as they performed extremely well, scored 9 goals and were very stingy by only allowing one goal against.

  • Great goalkeeping by Kayla & Reghan
  • Great defense by Emma & Avery
  • Great midfield play by Meaghan, Grace & Racheal.
  • Great forwards by Ava, Nadine, Josie, & Sara.

I will add that whilst Grace controlled the midfield, Sara scored 2 goals in the final game to secure the Gold Medal.

A great way to end the season!
This group of GoA Players are definitely the future of hockey!

Annual GOA Boat Cruise

11 GoA Club Members enjoyed a day on lake Ontario and proved to be strong swimmers and did not lose a single one!!

Now, looking forward to the Golf Festival and Alumni dinner…Please ensure you are registered for this event!

GoA Reds win gold at 2018 Lions Tournament

Last week I ended by saying it was onward to the Lions Tournament this weekend and WOW what a weekend…

The GoA Reds won the Lions Tournament over a very skilled team comprised of US College players and some local players. Having lost to them in pool play adjustments were made and with a very exciting fast paced game we won in a shootout with Marley making some key saves and Steph scoring the winning goal thus making Steph the MVP of the Tournament.

Congrats to Marley, Larissa, Lakshmi, Emily, Cassandra, Steph, Angela, Rebecca, Nicole, Chloe, Grace, Cassidy, Abby F, Miranda!

So, now onto our development team of Janelle, Kira, Eliza, Amy, Kuljit, Caroline, Ella, Hallie, Abby S, Rachel, Josie, Chloe, Jasmin, Franki, Sara B.

This team over-achieved their weekend in playing extremely disciplined hockey coupled with good skills. They lost to the GoA Reds & Scorpions (finalist) and tied with A&C and Dolphins (York University). These results placed them 4th in the overall league standings and without a ¾ playoff game shared the ¾ position with the Cobras. This achievement gave me a lot of satisfaction as 5 of the players are very young and show a great future for themselves as well as the Club.

I must mention that Janelle was outstanding in goal in the 2 games that we tied with A&C and Dolphins.

Congrats to all, please continue to practice!

Overall standings: GoA Reds, Scorpions, GoA Blacks & Cobras, Dolphins, A & C