Jessica Buttinger - Duke
Jessica Buttinger

“Playing for GoA not only enhanced my skills and technical training, but also provided me with the confidence and opportunities that enabled me to take my game to the next level. I grew as a player and person working with Ed and his family; because GoA is just that… a family! GOA develops you as a field hockey player and as a person.”
– Jessica Buttinger, Duke University & Canadian National Indoor and Outdoor Team Member


“GOA Reds gives you the ability to have fun, work hard and learn, all while playing the sport you love. GOA teaches you teamwork, discipline and builds character for whatever you may try to accomplish in your life. Personally, I have made many life long friends with coaches and teammates throughout my years with GOA and have learned many important lessons that I will carry on with me in all aspects of my life. Not to mention, I have traveled to Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, Holland and all around North America!!”
– Cassidy Svetek, University of Maine


Jaslan Sterling - York
Jaslan Sterling

“My experience at Goa Reds was one for the books. I made life-long friends, shared laughter, trips and was presented with amazing hockey playing opportunities. I believe I will always be a Goa Red at heart and will continue to grow and flourish within the program. I think being a Goa Red player has really developed myself and has made me realize that life is not simply only about hockey, but instead about enjoying life and trying your best at everything you do. Being a Red, you realize that what you put in at practice and life in general, is what you’re going to get out of it. Ed pushes you to the limits, however if you aren’t willing to do the extra mile when no one else is watching you will not succeed. This reference is about both on and off the field. In sum, I have had experiences that most only dream of, and I strongly recommend anyone who wants to compete at the highest level with flexibility and enjoyable experiences to join the Reds!”
– Jaslan Sterling, York University


Leah Burke


“My favourite experience with G0A has to have been our trip to the Disney showcase in 2011. As a new member to the team, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. It was so much fun to travel and play against competitive teams from across the United States.”
– Leah Burke, Western Mustangs


“Joining GOA Reds Field Hockey Club has allowed me to develop immensely as an individual and a player. Through vigorous training during the indoor and outdoor seasons, my skill level has evidently improved over the past 5 years that I’ve been a member of the club. Without head coach, Edwin Fernandes, constantly pushing me to be the best player I could possibly be, I would not be the athlete I am today. After joining GOA Reds, I became a much more vocal player and took on multiple leadership roles, being captain of my high school team, as well as captain of the Ontario White team in 2016. As well, I’ve participated in various trips and tournaments with the GOA Reds, such as the Big Apple tournament in Pennsylvania and the Disney Showcase tournament in Florida, which has allowed me to experience higher level field hockey and bring my skills to the next level. These tournaments, as well as organized social events like our annual Barbeque and end of the year boat trip help bring teammates together. This has ultimately created such a friendly environment and has shaped the community that GOA Reds has to offer.”
Miranda Hunter, Waterloo Warrior


Shannon Eby - Wake Forest
Shannon Eby

“Playing with GOA has helped to develop me into the player I am today. Ed gave me the opportunity to play at a high level and travel throughout North America. He provided elite level coaching and the chance to play with teammates who have become life long friends. The Fernandes family have created a family culture within GOA that I am very lucky to be a part of.”
– Shannon Eby, Wake Forest University & U16 National 2012 Test Series Squad


“I only played with GoA for a year but in that year I made many friends and developed a lot as a player. Some of my favourite memories of playing with GoA would be going to Florida to play in the Festival Showcase and playing in the Tuesday night league at U of T where I got to play with more experienced players and I learned a lot! My favourite part about playing with GoA was probably playing for Ed, he has a lot of passion and knowledge for the game but is also a lot of fun to play for and going on road trips with Ed was always an adventure. I wouldn’t be the player I am today if it wasn’t for GoA and Ed and I am very thankful for the year I spent with the club!!”
Maddie Mitchell


“The GOA field hockey club is a great organization. I never knew I would love a sport all over again. Eddie and all the girls are so welcoming. I travel up every week for practice and tournaments from the states and it’s worth it. I get so much out of the practices and feel my stick skills and my overall game sense growing each day. I am a freshman at Ball State University and I don’t think I would ever get the opportunity I did if I didn’t train with Eddie in the winter. If you ever get the opportunity to join GOA I would highly recommend it, it’s a great club team to be involved in.”
Abby Ferenczy, Ball State University


Lauren Logush
Lauren Logush

“As a Goa Reds goalie, I’ve always had good competition while playing with fantastic players and coaches, making bonds that continue off the pitch.”
– Lauren Logush, UBC Thunderbird & Junior and Senior National Team Member


“Nena is back in Holland since a month. She misses Canada… She misses her friends there, the school and she misses your practices. I can see that you made her better: More powerful and eager. Nena will come back to Toronto on april 22 for a 12 day visit. I’m sure she will try to join one of your practices!

I still wanted to thank you for everything you did and the opportunities you gave her. Toronto was an experience for her and you were an important part of that and not to mention the trip to Florida which was great for her! Nena told me that there is a chance that you will come to Europe to play some games. Let me know if that is going to happen, we can arrange a match between your team and Nena’s team or I can help you with some other contacts.”
– Eric Nelissen, Nena’s Father



“I just wanted to thank you for a great season this year, and all the other seasons you’ve coached me since grade 8. You taught me so much and I have really come to love the sport. Although I never took that extra step like you wanted me to I think I will try to play it at university (hopefully UBC). I’m so glad we made it to OFSAA in our last year, and that was all due to your good coaching! Even though sometimes I would slack off in practice I always appreciated what you were teaching us and I definitely enjoyed every game I played! Thank you so much for everything.”
Erica Jewett, Havergal College 2013


“I was pretty skeptical about joining the club because field hockey was so new to me, but every time I went to practice, I was always treated like a part of the family. Even when I made mistakes, I was always encouraged to keep going and believe in my abilities. Playing for GOA was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made and I thank Ed and his family for always putting the players first. They were the best support system and I will always cherish the time I spent with GOA!”
Nicole Baldwin, York University


“Above all, this club has allowed me to develop my skills. You took me in and made me feel like I was part of the GOA family even before I was. The time and effort you never fail to put in, accompanied by the joyful atmosphere you provide, and the great group of girls you manage to bring together are just a few of the reasons the club is so special.”
Nakisha Slavin, Western Mustangs


There are a lot of people who know the basics of field hockey. However, there are few that have the knowledge, passion, and appreciation for the sport that Ed does. Ed and his family go above and beyond as coaches. They show genuine care for all players, are willing to give their spare time to players, and create a fun environment to train in. I love the friendly, competitive, and familial atmosphere that helped develop me both on and off the field, and am thankful I found the GOA Reds family.

I want to say thank you Ed. I’ve played with GOA for a very long time and a lot of my memories on/off the field are with GOA, but I don’t think I’ve properly said thank you for getting me into field hockey and encouraging me to continue. I really appreciate all the passion you put into the sport and all the hours you have spent helping me improve and challenging me. With the reality that this September is probably my last season kicking in, I’ve been reflecting about my time with GOA, and wanted to say thank you. “
– Margaret Yu, Western Mustangs


Emily Ziraldo
Emily Ziraldo

“My time spent playing with Ed and the Goa family was always fun and exciting.The club helped me develop as a player and gave me the opportunities to achieve my goals. The coaches always worked with me to ensure I played my best hockey every game and the training I received with the club prepared me really well to transition to playing in university. Playing for Goa not only helped improve my game play but also challenged me and helped me grow as a person. The friendships I formed at the club still remain today! I’m thrilled to be part of the Goa family and always look forward to playing for Ed and his family!”
Emily Ziraldo, University of Toronto


“Playing for GOA has always been a great experience. You receive top notch coaching as well as opportunities to improve and grow as a player. I’ve also enjoyed many fun times and laughs with the girls. Hands down the best club in field hockey.”
– Lauren Mackenzie, Western Mustangs


“Playing for GOA has been an unforgettable experience, having the chance to play for Ed something that I will never forget he not only helped me grow as a player but he helped me grow as a person. Ed gave me chance that I would never have gotten if I did not play for GOA, I was able to play across the United States and play with very experienced players who helped me bring my game to the next level. When playing with GOA, we all work together to make sure we each reach our full potential. GOA is not just a team to me, they are a family.”
Leesa Gerlings, Wilfrid Laurier University


“I just wanted to say thank you to [GoA] once again for allowing Kayla to participate this past weekend as part of the team. She had a fantastic time and it was a great introduction to the sport of field hockey. She was telling family on the phone last night about how much fun she had trying something new.

In addition, Kayla has not stopped talking about how much she enjoyed playing for Coach Ed. You definitely made a great impression on her Ed and as a parent I believe in thanking people when that happens. I also think your comments regarding Kayla having some ability made her feel quite proud and I think she is definitely thinking she would like to try field hockey on a more regular basis.”
Bob Desormeau, Father of Kayla Desmoreau


“I have an amazing time playing for GOA. I have learned so much from the coaches and the other players on the field. The experience has been remarkable, being able to play at a high level of field hockey and having plenty of fun doing it!”
Emma Stairs, University of Toronto