About Us

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Founded in 1970, the G.O.A. Reds have been a part of the Toronto field hockey for over 40 years. We are a community club that represents the Goan Overseas Association (G.O.A.). The Club is open to anybody wanting to learn and play the sport, as well as eventually wanting to play at a higher level. The club does most of its basic training during the Indoor season and competes in the Indoor and Outdoor Leagues, which we have won on numerous occasions in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ divisions.

The club participates in a lot of local and out of town tournaments and have been very successful in winning tournaments such as Maple Leaf, GoA gold Cup, New York Big Apple, Trinidad Ventures International Indoor, National capital Cup – Ottawa, Montreal Cup, JFK International – Washington, Brooklyn All-stars Indoor – Washington, Pragema Indoor – Prague, among many others.

The mission of the GOA Reds Field hockey Club is to continue to bring and share in the passion of the sport, decades of tradition and excellence with other families and young people; creating opportunities that will not only develop athletes, their field hockey abilities and smarts, but also provide them with memorable, life-changing experiences that will allow growth in every aspect of their life, as well as building genuinely amazing, long-lasting friendships.

We also offer:

  • Individual skills coaching
  • High school team clinics
  • Specialized GK skills coaching
  • Specialized drag flick & scooping coaching
  • Fitness and strength training
GoA Reds - WNY Whalers FH Tournament
The G.o.A. Reds at the WNY Whales Field Hockey Tournament, August 2016