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As a Field Hockey Club, we will always be proud of what our Club members accomplish and as we receive these accolades!

Erin Roland, Emily Wright, Aishah Nazir, Ella Murphy, Caroline Griffin, Amy Stewart, Hallie Wedge, Emma Hillier, Ed Fernandes, Guinevere, Schalck, Eliza Caven, Sara Quinlan, Simi Ogunsola, Taylor Stanford, Nadine Brenninkmeyer. Missing Abby Jensen due to a injury – who we missed immensely.

This group of GVO ( Goa’s very Own ) made me very proud of how they handled every challenge over the weekend at the York /Dolphin Tournament!

Each one of them raised to the occasion in every game and thus, their Field Hockey skills were raised to another level. YES, they won the Tournament and Sara was the Goalkeeper of the Tournament. Being slightly biased, I am quite sure that many on the GoA team could have also been considerations for the MVP.

As our season is coming to an end, FYI:

  • Scarborough Cup Indoor: Runner up
  • NH Indoor U19: Winners Gold
  • SS Delaware U19: Winners Gold
  • May Meltdown U15: Winners Bronze
  • May Meltdown U18: Winners Bronze
  • CFHCC U14: Winners Gold
  • Lions International Senior: Winners Gold
  • TWFHA League GoA Reds: Winners Gold
  • TWFHA League GoA Blacks: Winners Bronze
  • York / Dolphins U18: Winners Gold

In order to achieve these results, commitments and a lot of hard work by the GoA Athletes was needed! ALSO a huge Thank You to all the Parents for all the support all around!


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